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Throughout the internship experience students have the opportunity to network, learn and grow from industry leaders around them. At STREAM, our mission is to educate, train, mentor and provide scholarship and internship opportunities to students from underrepresented groups in the area of asset management, with the ultimate goal of increasing industry representation.


100% of our alumni graduates are in full-time roles within the industry at AFO Capital, Aksia, CBRE, Crestline, and Loomis Sayles.  Alumni students with subsequent internships with firms including: Canyon Partners, Credit Suisse Investment Banking, and Evercore Investment Banking.  

For 2023, we are expecting to offer around 40 internships. Each internship includes $10,000 of total compensation (in the form of pay and/or scholarship assistance), a 2-year license to Wall Street Prep, and housing/travel stipend.  The application period is open from September 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022.

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Fund manager-based assignments will provide a glimpse into the day in the life of a full-time role. Students will understand the innerworkings of the manager, so they have a deeper understanding of what a job in asset management looks like post-graduation.

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Colleagues at Work

Internship Support

Student Liaison and mentorship match assignments will provide students with long-lasting networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as provide a personal contact during the program with whom the intern can ask/seek advice/share learnings.


Local asset managers and executive leaders share their career journeys, keys to success and topics integral to having a successful future in asset management.

Business Conference

STREAM INTERNSHIP closing ceremony

Interns will leverage their experience and prepare a short presentation to a group of industry leaders. Opportunity to network and build relationships with senior members of the investment community.

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